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Yard Maintenance might seem straightforward in theory, but in reality, it takes dedication as well as expertise. Listed below, Green Meadows Lawn Mowing Service will provide you Autumn, Spring and Summer lawn care.

5 Important Grass Care Tips

1. Seed & Re-seed

Seed your lawn on a regular basis to offer your lawn the boost it requires stop weed development. Treat the soil with nutrient-rich compost to promote optimum growth. Apply extra turf seed to any type of locations that may require even more focus. Contact lawn care in Fort Wayne today for quote.

2. Fertilize

The correct fertilizing helps ensure your yard will fight off several variations of pesky weeds as possible. Feed it with a natural herbicidal plant food prior to springtime.

3. Test the Soil

Visit your local yard treatment professionals to find out precisely what your grass needs to grow. Contact a lawn care business like Green Meadows Lawn Care Pros and we can provide a soil test that will identify your yard’s pH level. If your soil is acidic or alkaline, you will certainly need to balance out your soil’s nutrient levels.

4. Watch Your Water

Most yards require one to 2 inches of water every week. Nevertheless, it’s best to water deep into the soil but less often. Water to a depth of  five inches occasionally for the best results. Avoid over watering as damp and water logged soil and grass can cause unwanted fungus to grow.

5. Look for Stressed Areas

Keep an eye on your lawn for any kind of indicators of stressed patches. If your yard is dried-out in areas, as an example, it will not instantly start growing back after being watered. Various other signs of soil stress consist of yellowing in areas. If you observe yellowing as a result of being dried out for too long, it may be time to water your grass.

For a naturally stunning lawn all year long, get in touch with Green Meadows Lawn Care Pros for natural yard care. For more information about exactly how the team from Green Meadows can aid you, call today at 260-204-1330

Yard Maintenance

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